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cellular division

Essential oils are rung

The Attar from the Rose

Be not expressed by Suns - alone -

It is the gift of screws.

- Emily Dickenson

In this area you'll find the details and factoids about my career to date and some of the knowledge I've gleaned along the way. Follow the links to the left for my CV, writing bios of several lengths, photos and articles.

All these files are available as properly formatted PDF files for easy printing and perusal. Each file should open automatically when you click on the PDF link. If it does not, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader free by clicking on the Get Acrobat Reader button:


If I'm on a panel or attending a conference you're organizing, and you need program info pronto,  you can find a short bio or a headshot here. And you asked for it so I've also put up an advice page for people interested in the playwright's life. As my grandfather would say (he was in the jewelry business): More pressure, more diamonds!

I've also gotten a bunch of requests to do a page or twelve on my extremely unorthodox, deeply devoted, inexplicably Texan family... and I'm putting it all together: photos, clippings, commitment papers... Just to keep y'all from getting bored. Maybe some wedding photos and a live webcam from the llama pen at the ranch.  Keep an eye peeled.

...I light fires in Paradise and pour water on Hell...

“The artist descends within himself, and in that lonely region of stress and strife, if he be deserving and fortunate, he finds the terms of his appeal. His appeal is made to our less obvious capacities: to that part of our nature which, because of the warlike conditions of existence, is necessarily kept out of sight within the more resisting and hard qualities... like the vulnerable body within a steel armor. His appeal is less loud, more profound, less distinct, more stirring... and sooner forgotten. Yet its effect endures forever. The changing wisdom of successive generations discards ideas, questions facts, demolishes theories. But the artist appeals to that part of our being which is not dependent on wisdom: to that in us which is a gift and not an acquisition - and, therefore, more permanently enduring. He speaks to our capacity for delight and wonder, to the sense of mystery surrounding our lives; to our sense of pity, and beauty, and pain; to the latent feeling of friendship with all creation... to the subtle but invincible conviction of solidarity that knits together the loneliness of innumerable hearts, to the solidarity in dreams, in joy, in sorrow, in aspirations, in illusions, in hope, in fear, which binds men to each other, which binds together all humanity... the dead to the living and the living to the unborn...”

- Joseph Conrad

 in the introduction to Nigger of the Narcissus

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µ  Writing Bio

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The harder I work, the luckier I get.

Mark Twain

cellular division

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art

Andy Warhol