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Here are some sites that are well worth the time spent visiting them... listed here in idiosyncratic order.

Current Shenanigans

Photo Op. A short satirical film about tabloid celebrity I directed after cowriting the script with Emily Stone. After YEARS of people urging me to shoot a film, I finally bit the bullet and I feel like a dope for waiting!

 It stars Tina Benko, Cheyenne Jackson, and Molly ward and I'm insanely proud of this little monster. People are responding to it in the most astonishing ways. Check out the official PHOTO OP site for the trailer, photos, and behind the scenes info about what's been happening.

Nether Regions. Originally a screenplay I wrote for friends Lynn Collins and Steve Strait, this necromantic thriller is now being adapted as a comic series by APE Entertainment as it makes it's way towards the screen.


Writing Resources & Membership Organizations

The Dramatists Guild. My posse... Long may its banner wave. The Guild has gotten me through some mighty sticky sitches in its day. They also publish an annually updated Resource Directory that has information not listed (for some reason) in the Sourcebook above.

If you're looking for scripts, odds are good that they are published by Dramatists Play Service or Sam French...


New Dramatists. A membership organization for playwrights that's been doing kickass things for 54 glorious years.

The Writer's Store.  A terrific store that stocks off-the-beaten-path software, books and supplies for the working writer.

The Writers Store: Writers Resources Writing Software Screenwriting Supplies Books Classes

U.S. Copyright Office.  The federal institution that registers ownership of written intellectual property. All work is copywritten at the moment of creation, but registering for copyright will give you proof in the unhappy event of litigation/dispute.

As it is guaranteed in the US Constitution - Article 1, Section 8:  "To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries;"


  Info on entertainment industry folks

If you're looking for information on Broadway productions... the simplest place to begin your search is the Internet Broadway Database maintained by the League of American Theatres & Producers.


If you're looking for information on Off-Broadway, the Internet Off-Broadway Database maintained by the Lucille Lortel Archives. It's not yet as comprehensive as it should be... but it's a welcome start.

Less thorough, but encompassing Bway & Off-Bway is the Internet Theatre Database, maintained by a group of theatre buffs.

For substantive information on anything film-related from Actor's bios to production histories, visit the Internet Movie Database:

Trying to find out who represents an actor in the UK?... check out the Spotlight Artists Record. The internet version includes actors, actresses, presenters and graduates currently in the UK's Spotlight.

The Spotlight

Trying to do the same thing in the US is an exercise in frustration for some reason... For theatrical representation, contact Equity and they'll refer you to the agent/manager of record.

For film and TV representation you'll probably have to call Screen Actors Guild (SAG) or the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).


For theatre reviews, CurtainUp maintains a fairly comprehensive archive on shows in NYC.


BroadwayStars.com: A newsblog that sifts theatre related news from several sources. Not as pretty as TheatreMania.com but more comprehensive in scope.



If you're curious about the honest-to-god, nuts-and-bolts issues involved in the business of show (and you should be!), get your hiney over to the Commercial Theatre Institute's excellent annual spring seminar and meet the folks crazy enough to work in NYC's commercial theatre. Fred Vogel organizes a helluva lineup every year. Highly, highly recommended.


Places to spend money

Bookfinder4u.com is a service that I've just discovered and amazingly it's EVEN BETTER than BookFinder.com. They cover used bookstores, new bookstores internationally as well as eBay auctions on the fly. Amazing service. The results are more comprehensive and consequently more useful... LOVE LOVE LOVE this site.

Bookfinder.com used to be my favorite research resource... though their search engine seems to have some gaps in its scope. Nevertheless, still occasionally useful.

Search BookFinder.com

Kelkoo is a more robust search of UK booksellers than you'll find in either of the two above sites. So if you're looking for a book printed in the UK or something a little obscure...

AddAll Used Books is another used book search engine I'm just starting to use after my friend Russell recommended it.

I also wind up doing a ton of research through half.com and eBay. Between these two sites, I've spent enough to support a small town.

eBay logo    half.com by ebay

I maintain a pretty hefty film & music collection. Whenever I cave and pay retail, my favorite place for CD/DVD purchases (pricewise, selectionwise, free shipping, etc) is the DeepDiscount twins:



Some writing sites:

doollee.com: "a guide to modern Playwrights and their Plays. This site lists information on over 28.000 Plays produced or published in English since 1956, the year when John Osborne's Look Back in Anger was first performed at the Royal Court in London. Doollee also provides details on over 8,500 Playwrights with links to Agents, Theatres and Bookstores."


La Ronde, The Playwright's Ring: Webring focused on linking all stage writers on the Web. Includes sites with a primary focus on presenting the work of one individual playwright, with synopses, histories, resumes, essays.

Playwrights on the Web: A Webring devoted solely to experienced playwrights who have a presence on the Web.


La Ronde, the Playwright's Ring

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Playwrights On The Net

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One Of Us - A UK-based site where creative writers from around the world share their creative writing hints, tips, articles, and advice.

StagePlays.com is an international database of playwrights & their websites offering production & publishing opportunities.


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