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 Punching Judy


ęCopyright 2002-2008
[Shawn Nacol]
All rights reserved


a screamplay

by Shawn Nacol


(a high-stress low-budget romantic caper

about last chances and beaten hearts)


How do you know you're in love? Worse, how do you know if they are?

Madelyn has been two-timed for the last time. Or has she? Join her on the worst day of her entire life as she rampages across the Tri-State area in crazed pursuit of vengeance and one shining moment of five-knuckled justice.

A fella's problem with commitment could get a girl committed...


22 felonies,

14 calls to her analyst

8 hostages,

4 rolls of duct tape,

2 cops with a thing for musicals,

& 1 helluva wedding present for some chick named Judy.


red hex