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 Nether Regions

©Copyright 2002-2008
[Shawn Nacol]
All rights reserved

Love comes from the damnedest places.

a necromantic thriller by Shawn Nacol


She was looking for her Prince.

She should have been more specific.




Blending comedy and suspense, NETHER REGIONS is a sexy gothic about a young woman trapped in Prague, hunted by a ring of Esoterrorists, who doesn't think she has a hope in Hell. But she does.


 Or as my agent puts it: Romancing the Stone with dæmons.





red hex

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Lynn & Steven

In the summer of 2007, I wanted to write a spec that would let me go a little bigger with the FX. My friends Lynn & Steven had been looking for something special, and  Lynn has always had a taste for the occult. I mentioned I had this weird idea for a film about dæmonology...

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