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 Taste Buds Synopsis


©Copyright 2002-2008
[Shawn Nacol]
All rights reserved

Taste Buds

a hearty entrée by Shawn Nacol


    Taste Buds tells the tale of a rising star in haute cuisine who learns that sometimes the best dish is off-menu. Talent and romance collide in this culinary comedy about good taste, bad manners, and satisfying your appetites.

    Gus is the executive chef at Brooklyn’s hottest restaurant, but his taste in men is rotten; most of his friends are straight and he hasn’t had a date in a decade. What happens when his career boils over and some unexpected suitors stir feelings he’d almost forgotten he had?

    After a life spent keeping his heart on the back burner, Gus gets mixed up with Mr. Perfect and Mr. Right… but which is which? The suave critic who put him on the map or the charming farmer who’s all about uncharted territory? Gus has too much on his plate and it’s a recipe for disaster.

    When a stellar review turns Gus into a gastroporn star, a mass-media makeover forces him out of his shell and onto his own primetime cooking show. But is he selling out or moving up? Juggling old friends, new fans, and two flames, Gus discovers that fame is an acquired taste and love can leave you with a bad case of heartburn.

    Ingredients: fruits & nuts, meals & deals, heroes & heels. A dash of dish. A scoop of skin. A heaping helping of humor. Taste Buds is a rom-com a la carte: a sexy screwball about foodies, fame, and going with your gut.


 Taste Buds: some men you savor

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