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a creative conflict

by Shawn Nacol



At Doodle Ranch Studios, two animators working overtime on a family feature risk their hearts and lose their minds in a creative conflict that threatens childhood as we know it. A deranged comedy about the cutthroat business of G-rated entertainment.


Reviewers have said the play is...

"Hysterical! Smart, provocative, and extremely humorous...You'll enjoy every minute. Shawn Nacol has written one of the most unconventional and unique plays on or off Broadway. It swings from profound to silly with a fluency few playwrights master when utilizing only one of those métiers... Rough Sketch is a rollicking evening of deceptive content. Laughter seems more precious these days. This play is filled with it." Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town

"Witty and tart... Nacol’s script is strong enough to work even when his characters are invisible. Rough Sketch is about more than the merits of happy endings in films; Nacol has accomplished what the best movies do, cartoons or not: He’s making the audience examine their own worldviews." Mark Peikert, NY Press

"Incisive... Refreshing... Nacol limns his dialectics with neo-Shavian wit." Sandy MacDonald, Theatermania

"A fascinating pas de deux that goes from zero to 60 in seconds, then throttles down to a canter, stalls out and shoots off again. Nacol takes us into the world of animation in such detail that we are deceived into thinking we understand what they are saying." Tulis McCall, New York Theatre Guide



2010 Production at 59E59th with Tina Benko & Matt Lawler (sold-out!)

2008 Reading for Rude Mechanicals with Tina Benko & Matt Lawler

2007 Reading for The New Group with Tina Benko & Ted Koch


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