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 Drawing Monsters

©Copyright 2002-2008
[Shawn Nacol]
All rights reserved

a weird tale


Shawn Nacol



“A great, coiled serpent that swallows you whole… seductive and venomous.” Wendy Kesselman (Diary of Anne Frank, My Sister in this House)


"Ravishing and indelible" Michael Robin (Westside Theatre, NYC)


"Sexy, smart, and highly entertaining... A brilliant reinvention of the gothic." Randall Wreghitt (Tony-Winning producer of Beauty Queen of Leenane, Metamorphoses, and Golda's Balcony)


2005 Concert Reading @ Williamstown Theatre Festival (Williamstown)

2003 Reading @ American Theatre Company  (Chicago)

2001 Table reading by the Atticus Group with Elizabeth Hess & Tina Benko

red blood cells

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µ  H.P. Lovecraft

§   "Calling Cthulhu" by Erik Davis

§   "H. P. Lovecraft and the Myth of the 20th Century" by Joseph Morales

§   "Atheism's Mythographer" by Jason Colavito

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This play was an enormous turning point for me creatively. I actively gathered research for this play over a period of more than 4 years before putting the proverbial "pen to paper." I knew that what I wanted to create was beyond my ability, and for a long time I felt I was too young to write it well enough to do it justice.

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