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If you're reading this, then you must be looking for Shawn Nacol info: a resume or an author bio...  a synopsis on a script, a dialogue sample,  or development history on a project... even theatrical war stories, writing advice or some research links. At long last I've gotten myself onto the web like a good little spider. Expect surprises.

Every writer has to publicize, awards or no. Theater and conference websites can't keep current info posted indefinitely. Folks keep asking where they can find consistent, reliable up-to-the-minute info...  In my bid for world domination, the time has come for me to lurk in web browsers everywhere.

Y'all asked and it's all here: the plays, the prizes, the press, the past, the projects-in-process, and some photos to make it all more palatable. This puppy's an information pit-stop... a virtual mini-mart of interesting facts and FAQ goodies... One stop Shawn shopping. So let your skull be your basket and get to it.

LATEST SHENANIGANS: Rough Sketch just wrapped its sold-out run OffBway at 59E59. Film work has become the priority at the moment. Directingwise, I just finished postproduction on a short film I directed called Photo Op (with Cheyenne Jackson, Tina Benko, and Molly Ward) which I cowrote with my Girl Friday Emily Stone. Crazy magic brewing with Nether Regions, the occult screenplay I wrote for Lynn Collins and Steven Strait. And I've just been published in Smith & Kraus' 2010 Men's Best Stage Monologues and Scenes and Women's Best Stage Monologues and Scenes!

Buckle Up!

...you don't teach a bird to fly. you feed it...

It's been a couple months: wonderful and devastating. My mother's death and the concomitant drama was balanced by an alarming number of small miracles... I'm busier than I've ever been and insanely grateful for the ways things have been coming together unexpectedly. the long-term friendships which enrich my work daily. The biggest change is what I'm doing filmwise; after much coaxing and prodding from what seems like everyone around me, I'm finally taking the plunge into actually directing film. Oy, the hubris! Now that it's starting to happen, I feel like an ass for fighting the encouragement for so long. We come to things when we're ready. That being said, expect changes around these parts in the next year... A lot is brewing and it's likely to change the landscape a bit.


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Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie,

Which we ascribe to heaven: the fated sky

Gives us free scope; only doth backward pull

Our slow designs when we ourselves are dull.

William Shakespeare

All's Well That Ends Well (I.1)


WRIGHT: (noun; archaic)

builder; maker. (Scottish & North English:  a carpenter or joiner. ORIGIN: Old English wryhta, wyrhta meaning related to work.)


If you think you can or if you think you can't, you're right.

Henry Ford



Playwright, isn't spelled "ITE" for a reason. Few people agree on what a playwright actually does,  but we can say definitively that writing is only part of the job description. Like shipwrighting, it  is an archaic trade requiring craft, apprenticeship, skill, and training of medieval scope and diligence. For this reason, it's difficult to do well, and is dying out as a reasonable livelihood and a way of life... like farming, woodworking,   glass-blowing, , cathedral-building, literacy,  and thinking for oneself, natch.

Theatre is Life.

Cinema is Art.

Television is Furniture.